design.transform(result => result.code())
Malam Bujang Designed by Adam mobile Mobile UI
Arceru Designed by Aghits desktop Desktop UI
Isekai Designed by Dicha desktop Desktop UI
MyKantin Designed by Rizqi desktop Desktop UI
Online Course Designed by Setiadi desktop Desktop UI
Book Store Designed by Irvan desktop Desktop UI
Cofeed Designed by Choirul desktop Desktop UI
Wangkong Designed by Ariq desktop Desktop UI
Bettafish Designed by Zidan desktop Desktop UI
Casual Street Designed by Rahmat desktop Desktop UI
Customer Desk Management Designed by Febrian desktop Desktop UI
Yumemi Riamu Designed by Rahmat desktop Desktop UI
Belajar App Designed by Fakih desktop Desktop UI
Task Management Dashboard Designed by Manoj desktop Desktop UI
Instagram Desktop Redesign Designed by Naufal desktop Desktop UI
Dataku Mobile App Designed by Voxy mobile Mobile UI
Movie Dashboard Designed by Nauval desktop Desktop UI


What is this? Well, me and my friend are doing this amazing challenge, where each one of us try to implement three designs each week into code. You can also submit your design to us!
Why is it called Three of {Some, Every}thing? It came up by accident actually. When I created the project repo, I've named it Three Of Something, since we are implementing three designs, then at the same time my friend creates another repo and called Three Of Everything. So we agreed why not just combine those :D We end up with Three of {Some,Every}thing. <And yes, that's BASH expansion braces.>

UPDATE: One of my friend joined, and now it became Three of {Some, Every, No}thing
ANOTHER UPDATE: I didn't have much time now so I just decided to implement one design each week.
YET ANOTHER UPDATE: I changed the name to Svelteception because apparently Three Of Something is an Australian brand :p